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Rough Translation

Last week I mentioned, briefly, Cameron Stewart’s webcomic Sin Titulo. It’s an eerie little webcomic kind of to do both with family and with memory, and I’m quite taken with it. For me it immediately evoked some other favorites in its very savvy use of pacing; one in particular is Max’s book The Extended Dream of Mr. D..

Beginning midway through June of last year and updating once per week, Sin Titulo is just now getting to the heart of answering some of its questions. Alex, the main character, begins the story by finding out that the grandfather he’s come to visit is, in fact, dead and has been so for more than a month. While looking through his grandfather’s things, Alex discovers a photograph of his grandfather with a woman he does not recognize. In trying to find this woman, he stumbles through a series of events he doesn’t understand that link his grandfather, a horrific orderly named Walter, and the woman in the photograph.

The art is crisp and well-suited to the story, and the pacing is that of someone who has worked in comics for many years; Stewart’s history shows in this particular story. I don’t want to stay too much, since it really is a work that achieves what it does through a cumulative effect (and it certainly makes the reader curious). You should start at the beginning and work your way through. At most, it will take an hour or so, but you’ll likely want to linger longer over the images.

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