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In Which There Are Several Equations

Brad Guigar + 8 years = today! Yep, it’s eight years of daily goodness from one of the nicest, most nose-to-the-grindstone, happy guys you’re likely to meet in this crazy bid’ness. How many other cartoonists do you know that produce eight separate installments (across three different titles, after the day job) to run online and in a newspaper that only publishes six days a week? For those scoring at home, 8 > 6. I submit, this guy is the Hardest Working Man in Webcomics.

Still with the math, we already know that Wondermark + The Onion print edition > Cathy en Español. But what about Wondermark + Dark Horse Comics? Judging from this page, it looks like that equation equals “$14.95, at quality bookstores everywhere in time for San Diego Comic Con.” It also appears that this is David Malki !’s second book, joining the hilarious and compelling Le Talmud et Ses Maîtres.

Finally, what sort of variables are best for the Zudacontest? David Gallaher (writer/co-creator of Zudaoffering High Moon) draws our attention towards a posting in the Zudaforum. At the moment, the greatest amount of discussion seems to be on the topics of genre competitions (gag-a-day strips not having to compete against storyline strips, for example), the viability of elimination rounds, and the possibility of all-star or second-chance contests. Zudatypes wanting to see how elimination rounds might work may want to check out Webcomic Idol, which uses such a format. In the meantime, those having feelings on the matter may wish to read and contribute to the Zudathread.

In which you’re copying my naming device!


Just kidding, I know I don’t have exclusive rights to start sentences with “In which”

In which you’re copying my naming device!

Just kidding. I know I don’t have the exclusive right to sentences starting with “In which”

This new ReCaptcha thing is pretty annoying. Sorry if I posted the same comment four thousand times.

I think it’s probably a play on wondermark which has also been doing that since about 2003

[…] remember the bit I did last week about James Brown Guigar? Turns out he’s even harder-working than we suspected. Startin’ today, Guigar’s […]

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