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Crappy Weather. Bleah.

February is making me SO-SAD, and without the benefit of a happy light. Here’s stuff:

  • The mad genius behind Sinister Bedfellows, mckenzee, has sent me PDFs of his Cðulhuviða project, and news of a Cðulhuviða book available at Lulu. Still waiting to hear back if he’ll be able to realize his handmade book desires, but let me say this now — if such a book becomes available (I’d have to believe it would be a limited edition), I want one. One should also note that alongside the Cðulhuviða book, there are also available for purchase the NCWCC anthology and the Sinister Bedfellows collection.
  • Reminder: Katsucon this weekend, with many webcomickers (Dr. McNinja, Evil inc.,, Applegeeks, and many more), and the Epic Webcomic Win.
  • Two years of crappy job stories (that’s stories about crappy jobs, not crappy stories about jobs). On the one hand, I want Michael Moss to find a job that isn’t hellish. On the other hand, his hellish work experiences lead directly to my free amusement. This is a moral dilemma.

A hyphen between crappy and job would have saved you 10 words of explanation!

Thank you for the kind words :-)

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