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Math. Yay.

In major news, I wrenched something in my hand the other day and typing hurts, so this is gonna be short:

  • Shaenon Garrity has cool comics originals and not enough wall space; I can sympathize, as my webcomics and animation originals have long since exceeded the limits of my home, and I am not putting my Rikki Tikki Tavi character study in the bathroom or my Grinch ‘n’ Max in the garage. Solution: I’m having a coffee table made — with map drawers. Hey presto, you got protection, easy access, no more tubes, and enough drawer depth to be able to significantly add to the collection (except that buying a place to store the art kind of cuts into the budget to buy the art).
  • From Gordon McAlpin, news that the first issue of the Multiplex eBook collection is now available at WOWIO; it collects Multiplex #s 1-24 plus a couple of guest strips (by McAlpin) and seven strips not available in the Multiplex archives.

    Potentially cooler: the inside front cover has an illustration that preserves the vector artwork Gordon draws Multiplex with, meaning you can literally zoom in over 1000% and look at all the stuff (some call them mistakes, I call them extras!) that’s too small to see on the web. And, as with all WOWIO offerings, free in exchange for demographic characterization.

  • And lastly: Oh Richard Stevens III, is there anything you can’t turn into a Venn diagram? You make my set-theory lovin’ heart go dokidoki. All you ever needed to know about non-island-based Scandanavia, in one easy picture.

Hey —

Feel free to store your Chuck cels over here in my office — got a big blank wall that’s just right for them…

Aw! That’s sweet of you Gary! I saw your little mention of Anders Loves Maria in the alt text. You got my back! :) <3

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