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Wahoo! So, thanks to last week’s recommendations, I ended up over at Transmission X. It took me a minute to realize that two of the webcomics on last week’s recommendation list are available through this site (one of them is Karl Kerschl’s lovely The Abominable Charles Christopher, the other Cameron Stuart’s magnificent Sin Titulo. I’ve done a brief toe-dip into their respective archives and hope to add them to the docket for coming weeks.

However, through a somewhat roundabout route (how I found Transmission X), I landed at a charming webcomic called Luz by Claudia Dávila. The image you see above is from early in the series (which started, I believe, in October of last year?), which follows the life of a quirky, smart kid. “Luz is,” as the About Luz link tells us, “a 12-year-old latina girl who tends to be on the serious side and finds herself reflecting on life. She ponders the state of humanity and where we fit in Nature. She is curious, cares about people and animals, and tends to assume the best in everyone.”

It might read as vaguely didactic, but I’m quite charmed by this webcomic. The linework is lovely; simple to process but with a solid use of visual flow and color, plus a great sense of pacing. I haven’t really seen too many webcomics so far which are taking on a responsibility to educate their readers as well as entertain, and I was thinking about this idea during the whole Super Tuesday delegate-updating. I don’t have television, so I spent an evening online following coverage (which is also how I kept up with the Super Bowl; somehow the timing of these two events with Fat Tuesday thrown into the mix was just too perfect), and reading through the relatively short archives.

What’s also kind of neat about Luz is that it’s obviously kid-friendly, and she’s a literate, clever kid; I’m not sure I’ve seen webcomics where there’s this obvious potential for a dual audience. It’s new, kind of nascent, and I’m interested to see where it goes; it’s interesting, relevant work from someone with a long history working in comics and visual media. Take a half-hour or so to read through her archives; I think you’ll find it time well spent.

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