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Hey, Do You Know What Today Is?

The day before Jellaby Day!

It’s been more than 18 months since we first reported that Kean Soo‘s Jellaby would be getting the print treatment, and tomorrow all our waiting is over. Between this and Flight Explorer (due next month), it looks like plenty of the big purple monster about town to satisfy our needs, but for those of you that need just a little bit more, and are in Toronto, there’s two more things of interest:

Presented in association with THE BEGUILING and Scholastic Canada, Kazu Kibuishi and Kean Soo will be at the North York Central Library to debut their brand new graphic novels Amulet and Jellaby. Both Kean and Kazu will be interviewed on stage by The Beguiling’s Christopher Butcher.

That’s 6:30pm tomorrow, with a bonus signing event at The Beguiling by Kean & Kazu at 7pm on Wednesday.

In other news: new vinyl toy on tap from Andy Bell. Man, I love that guy’s designs, but what’s with all the butts? All his toys have lovingly-sculpted ass cheeks. Ominous.

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