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This Will Be Brief

Or, alternatively, Angry Twinkie (thank you, Dan O.) asks, Where are the reading suggestions? I’ve been lax in my webcomics reading lately, between crazy work things and impromptu astronaut suit photo shoots (it’s actually a Selk’bag, which is kind of awesome), but I also had this horrible moment where I thought, Okay, what do I read now? I have a handful of things I follow, but…what now? It’s been about a year since I started posting here and I need some recommendations. What are you reading lately? What’s caught your eye and is worth checking out?

From time to time I also go poking through the emails; if you click that little ‘let us know’ link over there on the right, those emails generally come to all of us. Periodically I go through and start clicking away; last week that process worked too well, but this week I thought I’d go looking through the older emails that were still lurking in the inbox. Dash Shaw’s quirky, image-heavy Bodyworld jumped out at me from the outset because of its extraordinary color work. It updates once per week, and the story is taking me a little while longer to get; it reminds me, both narratively and visually a little of Dan Clowes and a little of David Lynch (both good things). There’s a blog, of course, for updates and other images (check out the cool Inversions Drawing Game, inspired by Scott Kim), plus some mostly-print-only other artwork.

I feel like he’s an artist I should have run across earlier than now, given his range of publishing and his lengthy history working in self-publishing. Still, point for webcomics: this exposure via his webcomic to his other comics work (a 700-page book?!) is a fairly major boon.

Anyway, you tell me: what should I be reading now, hunkered down in my warm spacesuit in my cold apartment?

I don’t know if it has already been commented here in Fleen: “Sin Título”?

I’m currently working my way through the archives of two comics that I’m really enjoying: The Dreamland Chronicles (
and Gunnerkrigg Court (which has been suggested before so I won’t put the link).

[…] things found on the news-o-blogs, apparently Anne Thalheimer over at Fleen is seeking reading recommendations. Be sure to throw a few her way that you read, or possibly suggest your own, you may pick up a new […]

I would check out if you like geek culture.

You could always read about Jack of All Blades. It’s been running for a while, but a cursory search of Fleen returns no results.

You could also check out Rubber Cement. It, uh, requires a certain taste.

Brink is a quirky comic that I’ve been enjoying.

I’ve recently found The Abominable Charles Christopher, which is wonderfully adorable. Also, I’m a member of Sugarskull, a comics collective with a variety of material to offer–some fantasy, some historical stuff, all (in my humblest of opinions) pretty good. I hope some of it might be to your liking :).

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