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Dear Recipient,
You May Already Be A Winner!

Dear Mayor and Police of Boston,

Randy Milholland would like you to not be “a pack of sobbing pussies“, and also for the Mayor to not sound so much like Muttley. Thank you.

A Concerned Citizen,
The Fleenplex

PS: Never forget!

Dear People In Charge Of The Eisner Nominations,

I’m glad to see that this year’s criteria for “Best Webcomic” explicitly specifies “professionally produced long-form original comics work posted online”, which should hopefully eliminate offerings that update like six pages in a year (read down, you’ll find it).

Please give every due consideration to Ursula Vernon’s Digger because nominations means that she throws open her archives to non-subscribers, and I really want people to see how ridculously awesome her work is.

In fact, I’m going to call on Vernon, The Swedish Gabe-Lover, and The Real-Life Perky Goth to all send their URLs to jackiee (Estrada, that is), who has an account at Mindspring (dot-com, that is). Trust me, you’re producing Eisner-grade material. Include Minus and Girl Genius from last year’s list (sadly, the “long-form” requirement would seem to disqualify Phables this year), and you’ve got an unassailably strong slate of nominees.

Thank you,

Gary Tyrrell,
Editor, Fleen

Dear Readers of Goats Who Wonder About This Alfred Guy,

Yes, he really is that awesome. Twins, send your dating resumes to the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego. He’ll get ’em.


Digger does have free samples which are of course as awesome as every other page.

(Also: pony up cheapskates, Ursula gets the bulk of the dough and you get what ya pay for!)

I think we all know that if there’s any regularly updated webcomic that deserves an Eisner, it’s Scary-Go-Round.

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Not sure whether Planet K qualifies as long form, but I’ll give them the opportunity to decide.

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