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Depravity On The Half-Shell

So I thought that yesterday’s Sheldon was just an innocent lark, a minor mindgame on the part of Arthur. Then Jon Rosenberg went and ruined it all for me with his wicked reimagining. Which leads us to today, and it seems like Dave Kellett has upped the malevolence level a little in response. Thanks a lot guys — there’s one more thing I can never enjoy again.

In altogether more wholesome news, let’s see what’s up south of the border. John Campbell writes:

hi gary!

i thought you might be interested to KNOW: hourly comic day 2008 is this friday, when a bunch of people all make a journal comic every hour and then post them on the hourly comic forum. the current year’s will go here, and you can see past years here. the page that kind of explains it is here. it is a neat way to see how different people spend their day, and it makes me feel better about spending a goddam month doing it. ALSO a couple other people have kept up with me this year, making full months of hourly comics of their own. these people include: ryan peq, max key, and joel bradbury. okay that is all!

Wait, convincing others to join him in his descent into madness? Less wholesome than I initially thought.

Jon, come clean: Was that you that ended up buying the original for that strip? Because, listen, I’ll take your $125… but I’m happy to just *give* it to you.

Dave, I probably should have bought it, but it is someone else who is not me!

I promise to buy the next one where they are elbow-deep in blood.

Deal, brother!

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