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Of Stolen Buicks And Impregnation

Found a link at ¡Journalista! that may potentially be of interest to webcomickers trying to make a professional “go” of things: Hervé St-Louis looks at self-publishers in the comic game, and is of the opinion that they don’t have good business skills, and should leave business to those who know what they’re doing.

There may be parts of St-Louis’s thesis that are unique to non-web publishing, but we at Fleen are pretty firmly convinced that comics self-publishers and webcomickers are pretty much in the same niche, and we’re aware of a number of webcomickers that handle business pretty well. In fairness, St-Louis isn’t done (his article continues next week), so for now we’ll recommend it as an opportunity for webcomickers to carefully reflect on their business skillsets, and to honestly evaluate where they fall on the I can do this myself to I need help spectrum. Aduz can’t come soon enough.

In other news, mckenzee writes to inform us that many of the group of webcomickers to be found at What The Hell Con are North Carolina locals, and they’ve been meeting over robot juice on a regular basis for a while now. And when webcomickers get together, one thing is sure to result: lots of cool art (although there is a high probability that much of it will viciously attack the good character of the Brad Guigar).

ANYway, this impromptu group, the North Carolina Web Comics Coffee Clatch, have released their first anthology, now available at an internet near you thanks to Lulu (also of North Carolina). Rumor has it the book contains the efforts of both mustelids and vombatiformes so you know it’s gonna be good.

Quick, what else should go in the Declaration 2.0?

Gary, no mustelids are featured but I can confirm the vombatiformes and an ample helping of felidae, with some Angritas Kiltus.

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