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Mission Statements

There’s been a lengthy rundown of Marjane Satrapi profiles/interviews at ¡Journalista! … but how many of them have been in comics form? Mike “Culture Pulp” Russell leads the way.

In other news:

  • Speaking of movies, wasn’t this an Achewood story last year? I bet in the movie there are no dudes that end up hella stabbed.
  • Harknell and Onezumi are coordinating webcomics at Katsucon in three weeks, and will be conducting the extravaganza known as Epic Webcomic Win. Free stuff from more than a dozen webcomic guests! Entry form will be available at any webcomic guest table, with full details on the contest page.

  • Missed it earlier this week: new Dr McNinja book announced; look for availability in about a month. Rumor has it the promised truly superior extra content will include free hugs from guest stars¹.
  • Hey kids, remember Uncle Ghastly? Sure you do! His life hit a series of rough patches and the long-running Ghastly’s Ghastly Comic (often NSFW, in case you forgot) fell by the wayside. But he’s doing better these days, and has a new, Northesque journal comic to share with you. I’ve always believed that Uncle Ghastly was actually The Living Slackmaster, so be on the lookout for esoteric SubGenius wisdom as you follow his blogariffic adventures.

¹ Not really.

I’ve always had a soft for Ghastly and his perverse wry brand of humour,’Blog is hell’ shows it is mining the same good vein by the second strip when tentacle porn is brought up. Heh, I’ve certainly missed the guy.

Did somebody mention comics-form profiles of Marjane Satrapi? The very first Stripped Books was of a talk by Marjane Satrapi, three years ago. Who lead the way? ;)

Wow, that Stripped Books Satrapi piece is amazing. I’m totally linking it from the bottom of mine. MR

Hey, thanks, Mike! Your own comics-form interview with her is awesome. You capture her personality beautifully.

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