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Creatures In My Cake?

Today brings word of a new convention of interest to webcomics afficionados, courtesy of Greg Carter:

Brought to you by the fine organizers of Dragon*Con, Atlanta Comics Expo is the south’s newest celebration of comics, illustration, gaming, costumes and Asian Pop Culture.

Come out February 8 — 10 and meet some of your favorite artists and writers including webcomic creators Gina Biggs (Red String) and Greg Carter (Abandon).

In other news:

  • Six years of diseased imaginings delightful comics were celebrated by Andrew Bell (aka The Worst Most Awesomest Person In The World) yesterday. Webcomics as a whole took the opportunity to pray that before year seven is done, the correct cocktail of antipsychotics will rid us all of this menace Bell will achieve the massive financial success that he is clearly due.
  • It’s been a long week, but in just a few hours, David Malki ! will release his latest (not quite) feature length film, Expendable. You know what I’m looking forward to, even more that the Justin Pierce DVD/poster artwork and the Straubulent soundtrack? The production company card.

    I mean, everybody of a certain age remembers this, right? Those few seconds meant that something seriously way cool was about to happen on your TV. Well, I want the credit that reads Wondermark Enterprises to wow the adult me in the same way that A CBS Special Presentation wowed the kid me in his footy pajamas.

    Oh, and for the movie to not suck. That’d be a bonus. But mostly the credits thing.

It’s a tall order, Gary…but I hope you’ll be pleased.

Just a note, that same weekend, myself and seventeen other webcomic types will be at What The Hell Con in Greensboro, NC, a totally FREE Con run by Quakers!

What The Hell?

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