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That’s Right — This Guy Is Gonna Start Some

If you haven’t listened to the latest Webcomics Weekly podcast (number 21, yo), pay special attention to Alex Guigar (age five!) at about the 41:40 mark, where he implores his dad to engage in the age-old ritual of beating another kid’s dad with his mad comic drawing skills. Note the quiet confidence in Brad Guigar‘s voice as he assures his son of victory.

In non-ass-handing webcomics news, I’ve been emailing back and forth recently with Kate Beaton, to whom I really must apologize for not mentioning her before today. She’s been doing some kick-ass journal-style comics (did you check out her tales of returning to the family homestead for Christmas?).

Beaton’s also been doing some challenge projects; much like John Campbell‘s famed 50 questions, Beaton asked for historical topics and did comics on the first 20. Astoundingly, it turns out that Benjamin Disraeli may in fact be ripe material for the webcomics treatment.

Anyway, historical figures and events, ranging from Tesla to Emperor Norton, from Canadian Heritage Minutes (my favorite: “This nation’s name is Ka-Na-Da” with a close second to the Springhill Mine Disaster of 1958) to Good Queen Bess, with a soupçon of Pope and naked CBC personalities. Come for the history, stay for the awesome.

Dang, I get no love! Talking about webcomics and historical figures and no mention of Thinkin’ Lincoln. :(

Tesla and Norton are both even in it.

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