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Post #671

Two things today:

  1. For those of you who skipped the reading assignment, Real Life now has a non-Cliff Notes version.
  2. By the time you read this, it will have been 754 days since Fleen launched, meaning that I’ve been doing one of these, on average, 0.8899 posts per calendar day since we launched, which is considerably more than the five times a week you were originally promised. Since I hope that means I’ve built up a reservoir of goodwill, I pray your indulgence as I write about something even less tangentially related to webcomics than normal.

    So why the hoo-ha over 671 postings? Because when you add in the contributions of others who’ve written here are Fleen, it comes to an even 1000. I felt that a) that was worthy of some remark, and b) I’m stuck with extremely limited internet this week, and this convenient landmark could be noted quickly and with a minimum of cross-linking.

    This somewhat inconsequential site launched as part of a elaborate plot at world domination by a Machiavellian schemer (who, as it turns out, literally owns my soul), but children have a way of growing away from parental expectations.

    It’s gratifying to think that my (sometimes-desperate) attempts to find something vaguely informative or amusing to fill this space has been worthy of your attention. You’ve let me know when I’ve been slacking, you’ve taken me to task when we’ve disagreed, you’ve rallied about when I was warned to Govern Myself Accordingly. If nothing else, I hope you’ve found it true that the comments are open to all and sundry, that nobody’s point of view has been suppressed, and that the shitstorms provoked by our strict adherance to tabloid ethics have been, at the least, diverting.

    For an unpaid gig that regularly results in complete strangers letting me know exactly to what degree I’ve been fellating Jon Rosenberg, it’s been a lot of fun, and I hope you stick around for the next 671 postings.

at the LEAST, diverting. For sure.

My fleenlife has become so much more improved with figuring out RSS/XML feeds (for me, meaning livejournal).

It’s measured in degrees now? You kids and your new-fangled oral sex.

It’s measured in degrees now?

You kids and your new-fangled sex.

Captcha not so reliable.

Oral sex aside, congrats. Looking forward to the next unpaid thousand.


Moustache love…

Congrats to Fleen and the Nefarious Mustache!


It’s obvious why post #671 is worthy of note. It’s just post #10 in base 671.

For the record, Gary is and always has been forbidden to make any sort of physical contact with me.

That’s not to say he hasn’t tried, but I want to make it clear that these are non-sanctioned attempts and I cannot be held legally responsible for them.

Congratulations on your landmark! May you shine the light of quasi-journalism even further into the Internet depths.

Congratulations! Bring on #672. :)

I also look forward to reading the next thousand posts. Fine job, sir.

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