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Busy Day Not Much Time

Next week doesn’t look good, either. In the meantime, let’s channel some old-school Saturday morning cartoons, courtesy of Jerzy Drozd and Sugary Serials:

[Sugary Serials] has announced the release of the print editions of their first three issues, spotlighting the inaugural titles in the all ages anthology. The comics are inspired by the stories found in Saturday morning cartoons, and are created by some of the finest artists of the webcomics and print comics industries.

The comics are available in a variety of ways; on the web site, or they can be downloaded to the user’s PSP or favorite comics reading program. The comics anthology is collected in print at the end of each month and can be purchased from the IndyPlanet web site. The online archives will always remain free.

Sugary Serials promises some unique features to set it apart from the usual online comics collective or anthology. The stories are brand new, and the lineup will constantly change. Every month at least three stories are featured on the web site in 8-page “acts�. The stories run anywhere from 8 pages to 32 pages. As each story is completed, it will be replaced by a brand new title. The constantly changing lineup will ensure fresh content every few months.

The first three issues collect Chet Lucero’s DREAMFORM DEFENDERS, a story where spacemen, barrel kings, and sheriff mummies defend children’s dreams from the evil phantasms of the nightmare; Sara Turner and Jerzy Drozd’s EQUALIZERS OF THE DIVIDE, a fantasy adventure filled with robot bears, snake men, and demons made of wood; and Mark Rudolph’s CURSE OF THE PHARAOHS, a story featuring a boy tipping the cosmic scales of good vs. evil during his visit to a traveling mummy exhibit at the county fair.

For those of you wondering, it appears that there is more than one highly creative Jerzy Drozd out there. Wacky.

SS is great fun. And it’s giving exposure to some folk who really deserve it such as Matt Putnam-Pouliot. I think it’s one of the most interesting webcomic projects around right now.

I shall give your regards to the Jerzy Drozd bass folks when I’m in Anaheim next week.

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