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Probably A Master’s Thesis For Somebody Right Here

When they hand you the fancy paper and the hood, be sure to credit reader Hugh Campbell:

I had to share this thing I noticed. Since comics can only be snap shots into the characters lives there is often a buildup of an hours, event, over weeks of real time.

This one extreme example that sticks in my mind is from a strip called Apple Continuum…. [S]ince the strip began on 2002-5-15 and ended on 2006-7-6 there have been 147 strips. But upon reading the strip, those four years of writing and drawing have resulted in one and a half days of comic time.

Therefore there is a ratio of .375 “comic days” for each real time year. I would like to read find out other comics ratio but I am still just one man and can’t hope to figure out all of them.

If you want to start figuring Wigu, it’s neatly divided into storydays for your convenience (complete with clock times in the books). Oh, and new Dresden Codak, in case you hadn’t noticed. Much of the story that’s happened over the past calendar year has been within a span of 24 to 48 hours.

I think Girly has story-day divisions as well. Also, has someone mentioned the Dinosaur Comics Timeline yet?

A friend and I did this once at a bar, on a napkin. We had MegaTokyo, Questionable Content, Dominick Deegan, and a few others. I wish I still had those napkins.

The Mansion of E is another one – it’s been going since 2003, and it’s currently partway through the second day. (Though there have also been a few historical flashbacks.)

There’s a “webcomics time” page that covers some of these at TV Tropes.

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