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Your Favorite Mammal

Bunch of things today, in the order they occur to me.

  • The WCCAs are back for another go-round.
  • Speaking of “another go-round”, xkcd seems to be drifting towards (filthy) continuity.
  • The paper doll thing is really taking off, with others available now, and the promise of still more in the coming days. It makes me wonder who the most disturbing webcomics characters to get the paper doll treatment might be. Probably Jon and/or Hastings.
  • Speaking of which: is that a mini Goats/Ugly Hill crossover I see?
  • Latest to try the Offer Your Webcomic To College Papers Approach: Wondermark. Snap it up, college editors! All it costs is a little (potentially disturbing) information about your bizarre personal fetishes:

    The editor of the paper should email me the following information:

    1. Who you are and what school you’re from
    2. How many weeks worth of comics’ you’d need (i.e. how long is your semester)
    3. Name and contact info of a faculty advisor
    4. Favorite mammal and why

    Wow! Not creepy at all, David Malki ! from Wondermark!
    Crap, I just noticed that Malki !’s bio includes something about being a freelance firearms specialist. Um, sorry about all that “Dreamcrusher” stuff, Mr Malki ! sir. Please don’t murder me.

  • Finally, welcome back from the land of No Internet to Christopher Wright.

Reading that, I envisioned Malki carefully aiming a rifle while hanging from biwing airplane that’s flying low to the ground, chasing you through midtown Manhattan.

Damn you, Hastings! YOU’RE GIVING HIM IDEAS.

The KT boundary picture confuses me… did you find that from reading the article in Nature or is it from a Google search?

guys it’s all true

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