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  • If there’s one thing that Cheshire Crossing needs more than an every-six-months update schedule, it’s an RSS feed. But other than that, it’s good fun. And is it just me, or does the Mad Hatter look … familiar?
  • Speaking of webcomics that give Peter Pan a reworking, a while back we told you about Bill Mudron’s involvement in the webcomicky collection of Whedonesque stories known as Serenity Tales. Mike Russell writes to tell us:

    After a nice long hiatus, the Big Damn Fan Comic website Serenity Tales is back — with three new installments (and a few more not too terribly far off).

    I noticed Ursula Vernon contributing there, which meshes nicely with Digger coming back from hiatus today and all.

  • Nothing to do with webcomics, per se, but check out Christopher Butcher’s visit to the Tezuka Museum; I was lucky enough to visit almost five years ago, but there’s been some really cool additions since then. Most notably: a pile of 150,000 sheets of paper (which represents Tezuka’s lifetime output), and Tezuka’s actual desk, which you can sit at.

    Although, there was one almost unforgivably awesome display up when I was there — it was 5 April 2003, which according to Tezuka was just two days before Tetsuwan Atom was first activated. Thus, there was a major display at the museum, with a life-sized Atom laid out on a lab table, with a clock counting down to his birthday. I also sat through four consecutive screenings of Butchy in the City, because it was just so damn charming.

  • And lastly, noticed on this morning’s trawl: I have no idea what applecat is, but I’m intrigued.
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