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Items of some note:

  • When I think awesome, one of the first things that pops to my mind is insane webcomics experiments. And the current gravitational center of insane webcomics experimenters may be found at a commune in Mexico where Ryan Estrada and John Campbell cackle with glee each time they come up with a new mad scheme:

    hi gary!

    john campbell here, from the cartoon commune, pictures for sad children, etc. i’m starting my third year of hourly comics, which is this thing where i make a little journal comic every hour i’m awake for a month. they’re going up at i’m wanting to see what journal comics look like if they are kind of preposterously detailed. because with daily journal comics i rarely feel like i get a grasp of what the author’s average day is like. the comics go up each hour i’m awake with a 24 hour lag time. which is part of this thing where i was wondering what if a website updated hourly is that something that is interesting (it is not all that interesting).

    On my first reading, I actually thought that Campbell would be trying to stay awake for a month, and a new comic in every hour would provide us with documentation of his descent into madness. Alas for my sense of schadenfreude but luckily for Campbell, a more careful reading reveals he’s actually doing a comic for every hour that he would be awake anyway. But there is an upside!

    the important thing is that you will get to see ryan estrada say and do what i am sure will be all sorts of dumb things.

    I am so there.

  • Chris Hastings, abetting the beffudlement of through-drivers everywhere.
  • An epic story started here (or possibly here), ended here, and now offers a jumping-on point for new readers here.
  • Looks like 500 strips on January 3rd 2008 wasn’t just a Karenic Phenomenon. Behold.
  • Finally, Friend O’ Webcomics Brian Warmoth has finished his escape from the Den of Satan Wizard‘s website to a different sort of diabolical situation. As of yesterday, Warmoth is now the new Marketing Manager of Devil’s Due Publishing, and will handle marketing, publicity and convention responsibilities. We at Fleen hope to see Warmoth on the convention circuit, and urge all reading to drop by the DDP booth to say “thanks” for all the great interviews he did.

[…] Warmoth leaves Wizard and has thankfully found a new gig as the Marketing Manager of Devil’s Due Publishing. I […]

Karenic? I’ve been adjectivised, or possibly adjictated!

Maybe Ellisish would have been better.

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