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Change Is The Essence Of … I Dunno, Something Profound

Big changes coming up in some webcomics, for varying reasons:

  • Over at PvP, it looks like it’s wedding season! It’s been half a decade that Brent & Jade have been in a holding pattern (the year-long arc where they were split up was Scott Kurtz’s most interesting work), so making such a fundamental shift could be fraught with danger. But Kurtz pulled it off once already, with the complete alteration of the Robbie & Jase dynamic. Having heard him (back in July, yo) riff live onstage about how shaking characters out of their comfort zones can lead to hearty laugh-chuckles, I’m very interested to see how this plays out.
  • I come to praise PC Weenies, not to bury it. That is, the Mark I version of PCW is now a permarchive, while the new Mark II incarnation has migrated to the wilds of the .net TLD. At the same time, Krishna Sadasivam has shifted to a mix of panel gags and stripping. Along with the change in comickin’ style, there’s a nifty new layout, courtesy (once again) of Tyler Martin‘s Comicpress (in the absence of any new Northian tools in 2007, I’m going to declare Comicpress to the be neat webcomics infrastructure thing of the past year).

    Anyway, PCWv2 joins Uncubed under the umbrella of the Random Nerds Comic Group, which is as good a name as you could come up with for a one-person collective. If changing the site design of two comics and building a new brand identity for them both seems a little ambitious, well, I suppose we can cut Sadavisam a little slack for feeling somewhat creative these days. I know that I said I was sick of all the webcomickers spawning this year, but dang — that’s one cute kid, K.

  • Finally, Karen Ellis will have to deal with change as well — for after today, she can never again say, “I’ve had fewer than 500 updates to my journal comic”. Considering that those 500 updates occurred in the space of less than two years, I’d say that’s pretty impressive. Also impressive? Cartoon Karen makes a surprisingly cheerful Supergothgirl, especially with the bunny slippers.

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