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Editor’s note: in order to satisfy Andre Babyn’s concerns about the worth of what I’m writing (see yesterday’s comments), I promise that I personally loathe the creator of every item mentioned today¹, and would gladly run them over if not for the fact I’d have to wash my car afterwards. Thank you.

  • Issue #1 of the ongoing Hero By Night series hit the shops yesterday; I liked this one more than the 4-part mini that won the Platinum challenge for 2006. Maybe it’s because origin stories are always a little clunky and forced as a result of the last 50 or 60 years of comics pushing the story in one fixed direction (exception: this year’s Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil).

    Other theories: it’s because having an open story means that DJ Coffman doesn’t have to cram in all the cool ideas into too few pages; it’s the co-writer he’s working with; it’s a difference in editoral policy; it’s a comfort level with the story and art; the month has an “R” in it. In any event, it’s shaping up to be nicely grim/gritty/überangst-free, and just plain fun to read. Plus (very small spoilers here) the last page features a giant monkey. Can’t go wrong there.

  • The Create a Comic Project contributes to Shortpacked! updates today and tomorrow (link not yet live). Gotta say, for an 8 year old writer, that’s a pretty decent pacing on the joke.
  • Coming out of WeMa (that’s Western Massachusetts for those not “in the know”), a possible webcomics meme sighting … although I think that probably five or more total contributions over at least three days would be required to make this officially memetic. Anyway, Love Is apparently NOT two naked six year olds who are married. It’s a whole bunch of dubious circumstances.

    Update: And that’s number four!

  • It appears that tensions have cooled between Fleen (that is to say, me) and A Girl And Her Fed (that is to say, Otter), and I believe that she and I are now good (although I have this nagging feeling … sort of like I owe the Mafia a favor). If anything should happen to me, avenge my blood.

¹ Not really. Except for 8 year olds that write good comics for the CCP. I can’t stand them.

As one who occasionally hangs out in cheap dives with her and Ursula, just a friendly warning… Otter owns your soul.

Hah! You don’t have to loathe everyone. It’s just that I thought this blog was supposed to be more of a critical medium for webcomics– if I misinterpreted that’s my bad. I like what you’re doing otherwise.

What about today’s QC?

Phantom, the word “circumstances” is the link to the QC “Love is…” comic. Just FYI.

Dangit I’m going blind again. :(

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Hey Gang! This is Nick Jones from Platinum Studios Comics. A fan of Hero By Night has posted an awesome video on YouTube, check it out if you’re a fan:

If you’re not a fan, read it, and I’m positive you will be :-P

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