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Short Things

Hey, guess what? Short topics to help fill the busy (yet low-news) end-of-year days, with a couple of book reviews being held until I need something pre-written whilst cooking a family feast.

  • Karen Ellis does book reviews — in living color.
  • Ever wonder what a cartoonist-in-residence looks like? According to the Cartoon Art Museum in San Fransisco, next month there will be a startling resemblence to Shaenon Garrity.
  • Received via email last friday:

    Are you going to write the Webcomics knol?

    Haven’t been asked, so I guess not. But if anybody at Google thinks I might do a good job, I’ve got some time off next week.

  • Jinxlets preorder!
  • And finally, Otter over at A Girl And Her Fed has taken some umbrage at my continually pointing out that her characters lack a key sensory organ:

    Hmmm, I think I might need to take revenge upon a certain Gary Tyrrell. The good sir is on about the lack of eyes again… I see no other course of action than to visit the craft store and break into his home armed with brown pipe cleaners, a bag full of googly-eyes, and Crazy Glue. Gary, when the contents of your fridge stare back at you over their fine handlebar mustaches, you’ll know.

    Somehow, I think I would have preferred a horse head in the bed to what she left for me. Horrifying.

In fairness, I can’t take credit for the picture. A reader sent it to me; the vendetta spreads…

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