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  • Regarding my estimate of the Child’s Play dinner event … I have never been so thrilled to be so wrong. Okay, once when I figured there was no way that I’d be lucky enough that she’d say say “yes” to being my wife. But this is a very close second.
  • Oh Crust Runner, we hardly knew ye.
  • Tired of Wha? nominations in the digital/webcomics category at the big comics awards? Submit what you believe to be better candidates.


This is Marty Day, writer of Dead of Summer. You may remember us as one of the Webcomics Idol finalists this year. We’ve officially released our first collection thanks to the fine people at Unseen Productions (144 pages, b&w interiors, just $12). Book 2 should be coming in ’08.

And from Wes Molebash:

Word to your mother!

Editor’s note: I think this should be the new standard salutation for correspondence. It’s so much more heartfelt than “Dear Sir or Madam”. But would that be my adoptive mother or my biological mother?

I’ve been beating around the bush on this idea for a while now, and it’s time to just do it. I’m starting up a monthly YHT newsletter that will contain a lot of the info that we talk about on my blog, but will also contain some behind-the-scenes info, contests, and updates on future projects (2008 is the year I start working on some new stuff!).

So if you’d like to sign up for the newsletter, just shoot me an e-mail (wesmolebash at we hate spam but like gmail which is a dot-com) and let me know. No need to write me a long e-mail — just tell me you want to subscribe to the newsletter. It’s as easy as that.

The first newsletter will go out in January.

How about “Word to your primary caregiver”?

Word to your female guardian!

– Wes

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