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Been A While Since We Had A Roundup

Time to do some quick items:

  • There will be guest strips — Wapsi Square is promising six awesome updates next week, and A Girl And Her Fed is looking for guesty contributions. Otter asks that any submissions “cover up naughty bits”, which presumably includes eyes.
  • I think that Goats may be setting a record for single storyline duration — it’s been more than two and a half years since the universe-spanning Infinite Typewriters started, and it all comes to a climactic head tomorrow. Jon Rosenberg is running a poll to see where people think the body count will end up, which can’t possibly be a bad sign.
  • Geez, my EE professors taught me to just build the damn thing and then measure. That’s the problem with theorists — insufficient patience to build an infinite grid of ideal 1Ω resistors.
  • Pretend to be a Time Traveller From The Future Day has come (or has it?) and gone (or will it?), and Aaron Diaz has an account of his adventures up at Dresden Codak. Not sure if it’s going to have a permalink, so please enjoy a hopefully copyright-friendly copy here.
  • As of this writing, we’re still waiting on word as to how last night’s Child’s Play charity dinner went, but based on past years I’m going to guess that the night’s endeavours raised at least $80,000 for this year’s drive.

I would have considered the $80,000 mark a good guess, but apparently not – looks like they nearly tripled that.

I know it’s been said before regarding Child’s Play, but… damn, that’s impressive.

Gary – I had no idea you were in EE. That’s pretty cool. I did my stint as an EE (asic design) for several years before leaving it all behind. What was your area of concentration?

the dinner amount is up. they blew your guestimate away. awesome

I think Gary’s concentration was laboratory grade ethanol, practical applications.

Is it (8 – pi)/2pi ohms?

Go Fourier!

[…] my estimate of the Child’s Play dinner event … I have never been so thrilled to be so wrong. Okay, […]

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