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Ho Ho Holiday Presents For You

First up: Time is doing its ____ of the Year lists, and this go-round has a category for graphic novels. They handed that category to Nerd World blogger Lev Grossman, who has made his love for webcomics known over the past year. In what may be its highest-profile mention yet, Achewood took the #1 slot (despite not being a graphic novel, per se) and Erfworld the #6 position. Given that both are likely to see an uptick in readers, Grossman might have given Time‘s readers a heads-up concerning Achewood’s (shall we say) profane nature, but anything that gets readers started in webcomics is cool by me.

Elsewhere in the webby wilds, Clickwheel editor Tim Demeter wants you to please enjoy a present from him and his to you and yours. Christmas cards, printable and electronic varieties, are available featuring Demeter’s own Reckless Life, Joe Loves Crappy Movies, Random Encounters, Wonderella, and more. Wait, are they Christmas cards or Holiday cards? Pretty sure nobody cares!

Lastly, finishing out the “webcomics books making it to comic shops” trend of the past year, Spike‘s Templar, AZ is now available for order in the latest issue of Previews, under Diamond order code DEC07 3783. Don’t have it yet? Think of it as a present to yourself.

Only assholes!

I’m not even saying this just to be self-serving, but do not miss the card Justin did for us. It is effing hilarious.

where’s the link to the actual cards gary

Here’s the link I found:

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