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Monday Morning (?) Hoo-Ha

Who wants stuff today? Stuff is awesome.

  • Speaking of “awesome”, did you see the winners of the Wonder Woman costume redesign contest at Project Rooftop? That’s got webcomics all over it, since PR is the baby of Dean Trippe, who does the terrific Butterfly (as seen at Lunchbox Funnies), and one of the second-place prizes went to Carly Monardo, who’s been known to do the odd shirt design, coloring job or guest strip at Dr McNinja.
  • Speaking of Lunchbox Funnies, Wally & Osborne has been on hiatus for a while. Let’s let W&O creator Tyler Martin tell it:

    I decided to stoop to the lowness of that creep Paul Southworth and ask for some help in letting people know my comic would be returning after taking a baby (and moving) hiatus.

    Unlike Paul who only took a couple weeks, I took 3 and a half months, because I am a better father! :D

    Fightin’ words! Guess the only way to settle this is for everybody reading now to check out both Wally & Osborne, and Ugly Hill, so that both creators can afford to travel to a neutral site and settle this thing with honor in the steel cage o’ death.

  • Still speaking of Lunchbox Funnies, you know who else is over there? Dave Roman. Know who he hangs out with a lot? Raina Telgemeier. (I mean, seriously a lot, with like smoochin’ and everything!) Know what ¡Journalista! is reporting today? That Dave and Raina will be doing an original English language series for Del Rey in manga style, starring the X-Men.
  • Still, still speaking of Lunchbox Funnies, Rian Sias is dipping a toe into the wearables category of merch, with the most adorable hat to grace the planet since Andy Runton sold out of the Owly hats.
  • And finally, to his resume of misery as the Dreamcrusher, David Malki ! can now add “Strikebreaker”. What is ostensibly an ad for the latest Wondermark calendar (100 piece limited edition, each page hand-screened, with a brass display stand) turns out to actually be an excuse to break the Cute Internet Animals Embargo in support of the WGA. For shame, Mr Malki !, for shame.

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