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Dammit, I Was Gonna Take The Day Off

… but I see that Krishna Sadasivam and his lovely wife Aarti are now the parents of their first child, a daughter. Bob Weiner is reporting at ComixTalk that the baby girl is named Sonia (and I’m guessing he would know), and that Krisha is wisely taking a month hiatus from both Uncubed and PC Weenies.

We at Fleen congratulate the new parents, and wish them the best of luck as they embark on the glorious adventure that his parenthood. And for the rest of you webcomickers out there — stop foolin’ around so damn much until I can keep up with all your replicants. This is what? Webcomicskid #37 of the year? You’re making everybody else look bad.

Edit to add: Sorry, but I had to lock comments on this post as we’re getting innundated by porn spam. Apparently there’s a Spanish porn starlet named “Sonia Baby”, so those two words in the story plus references to “Weiner” means it’s easier to just lock this one down. Anybody wanting to well-wish Krishna & family should try ComixTalk, which apparently has better filters than we do.

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