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[Heart]Breaking News

Longtime friend Brett “g” Porter just pointed me to the saddest [webcomics] story in the world at Gawker, of all places:

You know how you guys told me to check out Achewood? Well, I did and got my boyfriend totally hooked on it. For Christmas I ordered a signed strip for him. This one.

Right after I ordered it, I found out he has been sleeping with some 23-year-old whore waitress at his restaurant (he just got promoted from sous chef to head chef and it clearly went to both their heads).

I can’t return it because it is signed. I don’t want to give it to him anyway because he is a lying sack of shit and I want him and that skank to die.

Please help me find someone who wants this?

As of right now, the print is up for auction at eBay, has no bids, with an initial asking price of $10 and $6 shipping. As the Gawker story points out, there is something distinctly Achewoodian about this tale, and anybody with an interest in the human condition is urged to make a bid on this very historic piece.

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