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501 Is A Great Number

A few announcements for you, some a little late. Enjoy ’em anyways.

  • Brinkerhoff, featuring the least fluffy bunnies since Matt Groening’s Life In Hell, recently celebrated strip #501 with a quad-size extravaganza.
  • Where do you stand on the Writers Guild strike? Brian Carroll of Instant Classic is doing a series on it at his other webcomic, Genrezvous Point, which starts here.
  • Speaking of the strike, I understand it means that Dave Kellett‘s wife is now hanging around the house more. You know what might cheer her up, between long stints on the picket line hurling abuse (and hopefully rotten produce) at plutocrats? Helping Dave pack and ship merchandise that’s presently cluttering his garage.

    By the time you read this, he should be updating his store with the new Sheldon book and the Greatest Bumper Sticker In The World (not to be confused with the Greatest Answering Machine Message In The World).

  • And in the “Safe Travels” department, Fleen wishes a fond farewell to Bang Barstal, who has found purpose and peace of a sort, both of which no longer involve him hitting things with a baseball bat. A little Mage, a little Mojo Nixon, a little road novel, a little philosophizin’, and a whole lotta hitting things until they explode finished up today at Graphic Smash, with a final epilogue due on Thursday. May the road rise to meet ya, Bang, and yer whiskey always be smooth.
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