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It’s Like Another Whole Strip Or Something

We told you about the secret strip at Randy Milholland’s S*P store, Positive Thinkers, a couple weeks ago. A second, brief Choo-Choo Bear interlude soon followed, and then the site settled down to product announcements. It is a store, after all. Until Monday. Full page strip, which is unbelievably a) rude (NSFW, actually) and b) funny. It’s the perfect distillation of Milholland’s talent, in 11 panels that neatly dissect the entire superhero trope. If you aren’t signed on to Milholland’s RSS feed, you’re going to miss these gems. I haven’t found permalinks for them, so enjoy them as fleeting moments of joy until they’re gone.

Because I’m lazy, I neglected to properly keep you up with progess on the Child’s Play front since the annual launch back at the start of the month. Please to be noting that your peers have donated more than US$300,000 as of the end of last week, which means it’s probably over a US$500,000 by now. Ray may believe that six hundo is class money, but this year, I’m hoping to see something more like 1.5 million.

Addendum to yesterday’s update only of interest to people who care about me as a person: It appears that my creators friends did not spontaneously decide to honor me in their own special ways to mark the anniversary of my birth. There is mounting evidence that my wife had, sneakily and over a great period of time, covertly arranged the tributes that I received yesterday; our marriage is built upon a foundation of slippery lies, and I can never trust her again. She’s the awesomest.

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