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I Wish I Could Find A Picture Of That Old Bloom County Where Opus Is All, “I Have The Best Friends In Known Space”

I wonder if my enemies can top this parade of moustachey tributes/abuse. I doubt it. Thanks for the giggles, compadres.

In actual news today:

  • The very popular (with me, anyway) Baby/Toddler/Kid Status box at Achewood appears to have reached its final update today:

    Today, she departs bittersweet. She waves to you, in her trendy clog shoes with the aftermarket Tinkerbell pin. She wears her Alice in Wonderland costume, but then chooses to be naked while scrubbing the popsicle mold in the kitchen sink. She asks for a piece of chocolate as big as herself, pretends her bed is a big red airplane, and wisely says that if we fill the bathtub up more deeply tomorrow, we might get a whirlpool when it drains.

    I’m going to miss those sometimes bizarre, haiku-like missives from Rancho Onstado. Perhaps sensing our need, you may now purchase the collected archive of Current Baby Status from Achewood Industries.

  • You’ll Have That‘s Wes Molebash sends along his photos from last weekend’s Mid-Ohio Con; sadly, it appears the bounty will go unclaimed.
  • Creators and creatrixes! Want to make WordPress your bitch? Tyler Martin is too polite a guy to put it like that, but that’s what you’ll be doing if you grab the newest version of his ComicPress theme:

    ComicPress continues to help Webcomic creators create their websites and publish their comics with WordPress. Versions of ComicPress 2.1 are now seen at such Webcomic sites as the recently-redesigned PvP, the recently-Fleened We The Robots, the recently-determined to kick your ass until you explode Freak Angels, and the recently-getting a lot of attention Octopus Pie.

    So if you’re running a webcomic via WordPress, you basically need this tool in your toolbox, unless you think you’re cooler than Warren Ellis or Meredith Gran. And nobody’s cooler than Meredith Gran.

  • Finally, rumo[u]r has it that Michael Lalonde is considering making Orneryboy his full-time job; although such a jump requires a great deal of planning and thought, we at Fleen would like to give Lalonde our strongest encouragement in whatever path he may take.

Happy Birthday, you mustachioed maverick!

We fell victim to Premature cameojaculation.

Aw man, I was too early!

It’s catching!

Wow, I didn’t think anyone actually read the stuff I wrote on my website. Anyway, I think I was just having a moment. I’m over it now, and I’m back to wanting to quit the comic again. ;)

Thanks for the mention though!

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