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With The Writer’s Strike, It’s Good That Webcomic Idol Wrapped Before We Get Reality Show Fatigue

The votes are in, and in a finish that shocked and surpised absolutely no one, Spike’s Templar, AZ is declared this year’s Webcomic Idol by the readers of Bomb Shelter Comics. The panel of distinguished judges (plus one hack journo) appears to concur that Templar was the logical choice, having beaten out Lucid TV in the final round.

The voting results have disappeared from the BSC forum page, but last time I looked it was running about 65/35 in favor of Templar, which means that popular opinion and judging opinion were in pretty close accord at the time. I was surprised to see some contestants (like Shi Long Pang and Fear, My Dear) get dropped as early as they did, but that just goes to show the strength of the field of competitors.

Now, what do we have for the winner, Johnny?

The winner gets automatic membership into the collective, and all the promotion we can provide. In addition, we’ll host the winner’s comic on Bomb Shelter for free (if they want it) and even design a new site for the comic (once again, if they want it). That was the prize last year, and since Digital Strips is going to be a co-sponsor this time around, (more details on that as it progresses) there might be more for the winner.

No word yet on whether Spike’s taking up the redesign and hosting offers, but for now, let’s just let her bask in the win. Tomorrow she can do the traditional romp-through-the-surf photo op (Lake Michigan isn’t that cold this time of year, is it?), and then it’s back to the grind of creating a damn good comic. Buy her book, dammit.

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