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In The Middle Of A Tryptophan Hangover

Hey, stuff:

  • Traced, home of autobiographical comics by Tracy White has been redesigned. The site integrates reader commentaries with the comics and features the resumption of the Evolution storyline. White’s done some interesting docu-comics in the past, is working on a graphic novel, and was Ignatz nominated a few years back, so give it a look.
  • And since you’re not busy, keep an eye on your calendar for 3 December, when Von Allan‘s the road to god knows… starts serializing on GirlAMatic. It’s about a teen girl coping with her mom’s schizophrenia, but manages to sprinkle some funny in there; updates Monday to Thursday, and 142 pages in full, more info on Allan’s blog.
  • Come to think of it, there’ll be about three or four other series launching on GaM that same day, and what the heck — Shaenon Garrity‘s Lil’ Mell is back after its hiatus, so spend some time going through the archive, won’t you? Even if you’re at work, you’re not really working today.


I have to post a quick correction, because I’m an idiot. I had originally thought that my graphic novel, “the road to god knows…,” would be updating four times per week. However, instead it will be updating four pages every Monday. So, the quantity is the same (four pages per week) but it only updates one per week. And that day is Monday. Totally my fault for the misunderstanding with the GirlAMatic folks. Doh.

Thanks and sorry!


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