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Gonna Be A Light Week

Editor’s note: I’ll be away on Thursday and Friday for the American version of Thanksgiving, with no internet access. So as to have enough content pre-written to cover those two days, I’m gonna be stingy on news items now. Also, don’t count on Thursday & Friday being topical.

I’ve been emailing back and forth with Rick Marshall since April or so; right after I met him, I wrote:

Hey, ever wonder why Wizard’s online site is so much better (and webcomics-acknowledging) than the print magazine?

in tribute to Marshall’s (and cohort Brian Warmoth‘s) efforts to make the website more than just Maxim with slightly more comic book content. Well, he’s not at Wizard anymore, and we at Fleen are still trying to wrap our minds around that one.

He’s spoken to The Spurge about his recent experiences, and you ought to go check out what’s on the mind of this friend of webcomics.

And if you happen to run any kind of publishing enterprise, Rick is an extremely capable editor, fast, dedicated, able to produce as much work as any three people you have now, and a fun guy to have beers with. Hell, in less than two years he took Wizard‘s monthly pageviews up by two and half orders of magnitude, and that was with a site saddled with clueless management and crap content. With luck, we’ll be running some of his stellar prose here in the coming weeks.

Thanks for the kind words and all the support, Gary! It’s been great getting to meet so many webcomics creators and helping to turn more people on to webcomics.

Thanks again!

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