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Back To Normal, Thanks For Asking

Hey, check this: Meredith Gran, creator of Octopus Pie (and our masthead) gets interviewed by The Sound of Young America, which concentrates on “things that are awesome”. Okay, it’s for the SOYA blog and not the radio show, but I bet that can be remedied. Hey Jesse Thorn, America’s Radio Sweetheart! Do an audio version of the long interview with Mer. You can produce it by speaking into microphones.

In other news:

  • New Dresden Codak, combining references to The Simpsons, the Wonder Twins, Richard Feynman’s bongo dumming, and physical constants that can be used to derive the existence of black holes. Best part? After all that build-up, Kimiko has a solution to her problem that’s simple, elegant, and too marvelous to spoil here. Go read it and bask. Then read the archives and bask again.
  • This week, Girl Genius has gone to a rotating splash page — very nice, but something else caught my eye in the redesign. I suspect it’s been there for a couple of days now, but I just this morning noticed a very matter-of-fact, no-attention-drawn-to-it link:

    Buy Girl Genius Collections as PDF files

    Hmmm. Very hmmm. It’s only the older volumes (so presumably pirating isn’t as much of a concern), and the Foglios are too canny with their business to be caught out in such an easily-avoidable mistake. Somebody might want to tell DC and Marvel that this is a much more painless way to read comics electronically than the Flash-based monstrosities at their online ventures.

  • And the week-long xkcd arc that wrapped today seemingly existed for the purpose of imparting both a message and a horrible, awful, no-good pun that can only be excused by its relation to The Princess Bride. Damn you, Randall Munroe! Daaaaaaamn yooooouuuuu!

Hey man, I did that interview! I persuaded Jesse to let me interview her for the site.
I suggested her for audio too, but we ended up going for the text.
Thanks for linking us, Flee. You got a terrific operation going here.

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