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Hour 14 Of Dealing With The Insurance Boondoggle And Counting

I know, I know, in these uncertain times I should be grateful that I have insurance but holy crap I’m ready to go on a spree about now.

  • A friend of mine observed that if you do something wacky once, it’s wacky. If you do it twice, it’s weird, but three times makes it a tradition. The Unshelved Pimp My Bookcart contest is now only one iteration from “tradition” status, as this year’s winners have just been announced.
  • For future reference, the Fleenplex received some information in the mail from Comic-Con International, who would like you to know that pre-registration for San Diego 2008 is now open online, and that they do expect to sell out again. Also, for those hoping to get to Vegas or some other venue with more hotel rooms available, you’re out of luck until at least 2013; just thought you’d like to know.
  • Shhh … secret S*P strip.

[…] We told you about the secret strip at Randy Milholland’s S*P store, Positive Thinkers, a couple weeks ago. A second, brief […]

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