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I Have A Headache The Size Of Nebraska Right Now

For those of you that learned geography in American public schools, “Nebraska” is a very large chunk of real estate. I have spent every waking moment today dealing with the malevolent incompetance of insurance company “customer service” phone reps, and I’m not done yet, so you get two quick items that I cut and pasted while on hold. You’re welcome.

  • On this side of the Atlantic, Bryan Lee O’Malley gets an interview at The AV Club. It’s a good read. Coincidentally, the new volume of Scott Pilgrim hits today and if I ever get this phone-tree nightmare worked out, I’m grabbin’ me a copy and holing up under the blankets with a tub of ice cream until I’ve read it at least three times — I AM PREEMPTIVELY DECLARING IT THAT GOOD.
  • On the other side of the Atlantic, the Mancunian Dreamboat experiments with alternate business models for webcomics. Spoiler alert: he may not be entirely serious in all these suggestions.
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