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Just In Time For Holiday Giving

Michael Rouse-Deane has been keeping us all appraised of the progress of his charitable projects this year: the naked webcomickers calendar, and The Kid’s Book Project. The former has been available for purchase for some time, and the latter has just completed. Rouse-Deane sent us:

First of all the introduction page, something which only the artists have seen. Secondly one page that has been coloured (of course the book is in black and white). Unfortunately I can’t tell you which page this is nor what’s happening but … at least it’s a sneaky peak. And finally, below is the list of the pages of each artist.

We at Fleen how our suspicions who did that colo[u]r page (click for a slightly larger version); answers on a postcard if you want to get your guesses in. And given that the artists don’t know which page their contribution goes to, we’re not going to disclose that here; you’ll just have to buy a copy and see for yourself. But we can tell you who contributed to the book:

Ryan Armand, Phillip Blackman, Eddie Bowley, Box Brown, Jeff Burkholder, Brandon J Carr, Bryan Chojnowski, Zach Clairville & Sam Batzdorff, Mitch Clem, Danielle Corsetto, Brittney Crump, Joe Dunn, J. Edward Edens, Ryan Estrada, Donny Fox, Josh P.M. Frees, Dorothy Gambrell, Frank Gibson & Ned Hugar, Ali Graham, Liz Greenfield
Edward J Grug III, James Hutchinson, Andrew James, Julie Keene, Richard Lillie, Gareth Lind, BT Livermore, Jeffery Manley, Molly McCausland, Les Mellor, Shawn Miller, Steve Napierski, Ryan North, Edmund Osterman, Frank Page, Ivan Pope, Josh Rosen, Ed Ryzowski, Matt Sandbrook, Dan Scannell, Jon Scrivens, Dave Sherrill, Jason Sigler, Philip Spence, Phillippe St. Gerard, Jimmy Tierney, Dean Trippe, Tom Truszkowski, Steve Wallace, Stephen Waller, Liz Walsh, Damian Willcox, Charles Woolbright Jnr., and Nate Wootters.

Okay! That’s today’s contribution towards carpal tunnel syndrome done, and we at Fleen hope to hell we didn’t leave anybody out. Now go order the book, dammit.

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