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I Am So Not Talking About The Latest Wikipedia Thing

Which leaves us with a short list of timely topics:

  • Fred Gallagher takes a fair amount of grief for an update schedule that can charitably be called irregular, I think he’s earned a bit of slack this week. Congratulations on the birth of Sarah and Fred Gallagher’s first child, Jack; mom & baby doing well.
  • Review of the first Perry Bible Fellowship collection at The AV Club. The thing I found most interesting about The Trial of Colonel Sweeto is that it’s not in the same chronological order that the individual strips originally ran. I’m not sure if they’re in a random order or if Nick Gurewitch sat hunched over a lightbox in his artist’s garret for weeks on end with a cup of ramen and bottle of Jack his only companions, desperately trying to find the funniest possible sequence, but whichever it was, it worked.
  • Randall Munroe falls prey to filthy continuity: five updates of XKCD due this week, and a storyline to go with ’em.
  • On on a tangetially relevant note, I was sick all weekend and missed seeing the official rapper of webcomics in concert. Anybody that caught MC Frontalot at the Knitting Factory last night, let us know how it was. My guess: awesome.

What Wikipedia thing? If it’s webcomic-related, fill us in. This is my primary news source for webcomics, so I’m kind of lost there.

Yeah, seriously.

Only Wikipedia thing I can think of is the new Comixtalk article, which was put up for deletion a day after its creation.

The strip layout in the PBF book is very deliberate, but the reason is very very subtle.

re:PBF – did you see the website got re-ordered and half the strips re-drawn or re-touched too!!??
I’m not sure I like it better this way, but at least it’s not too sweetened up for good taste!

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