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Who Wants Miscellany On A Friday?

Too bad, it’s what you’re getting. Attend:

  • Described by creator Chris Peloso as an incredibly unpopular comic that almost no one has heard of, Tiny Ghosts has recently published an anthology, making it in Peloso’s words probably the least popular webcomic ever to get into print.
  • webcomic. Nightwish, Finnish metal band currently on tour. Connection? The latter is wearing shirts from the former (screen caps here).
  • Latest 24-hour [web]comic to hit: Ataraxia Theatre — it’s got monkeys!
  • Reproduced as received:

    on a particularly rainy afternoon, your weary body slumped in a chair, you stare blankly at the computer screen. it gives you no information, no comfort. you click randomly, right, left, crawling through portals appearing to have no end. suddenly you find yourself at a website, a site that invites you to become involved, by choosing where you go next, how you get there and even creating directions of your own. you, the intrepid adventurer, navigate from comic to comic through links embedded within, hidden in shared objects or frames. you are at the tangent pageant.

    Um. ‘kay? Digging past that paragraph, we find a new webcomics site where a bit of poking around reveals a number of comics offerings, some of which have embedded links leading to other offerings. Not too much there at the moment, and lots of dead ends so far, but could be interesting in time.

    One piece of advice to the site owners, though: I’m a patient guy, so I messed around until I figured out what you’re trying to do. Most people will not, so I’d cut down on the mood-setting a little, and just spit out a description of what you’re attempting.

I was wandering through SPX when someone recognized my by kilt alone. It was Chris from Tiny Ghosts. As he had written a short story for my anthology and I had written a blurb for his, I quickly got his signature on my book.

Later, I realized that within 20 feet of us were the creators of Fluff in Brooklyn, Reprographics, and Alien vs. Predator. If A Softer World had happened by, we would have had a photobased webcomic quorum.

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