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In Other News Today

A bit late with this, but Child’s Play has launched this year’s holiday drive, with an entirely modest goal of US$750,000. Given that last year cleared a cool million, it would really be letting down the team to not at least equal the previous effort, yeah?

And this morning’s browse brings word of an option:

6. a privilege acquired, as by the payment of a premium or consideration, of demanding, within a specified time, the carrying out of a transaction upon stipulated terms; the right, as granted in a contract or by an initial payment, of acquiring something in the future

In this case, it’s Tim Broderick‘s Odd Jobs with a new deal:

Tim Broderick’s ODD JOBS has been optioned to Warner Brothers Television. The series includes Something To Build Upon, published by Twilight Tales, and Cash & Carry, due out in January from Echelon Press.

Two things must be noted here, even as we congratulate Broderick:

  1. This doesn’t mean that Warner’s is actually making a TV show out of Odd Jobs; it means that in return for consideration to Broderick, nobody else can do so. If the option period expires without a filmed version being made, Broderick walks away with a check; if they choose to make a show, there will be further deals covering that.

    Even if they do make a show out of Odd Jobs, it could be a hell of a long time before we see anything on screen — it’s been more than two years since Fox optioned You Damn Kid, after all. For a nice discussion of the topic, see the very funny docu-comic Fortune and Glory by Brian Michael Bendis.

  2. Warner Brothers Television is a division of Warner Brothers Entertainment (itself a part of the Time Warner megacorporation), as is DC Comics, which is the parent of Zudacomics. Looks like the pathway to big-media partnerships doesn’t necessarily run through Zuda after all. But then, we knew that.

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