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Lost In The Shuffle

Since we last took a look at regular webcomics news:

  • Order of the Stick released comic #500 (extra length, as is traditional in these situations), then followed up quickly with #501.
  • Steve Troop‘s back in the saddle for the latest revival of Melonpool; this time around, there’s a definite story with beginning/middle/end, and he’s not committing to more than that … but he’s having fun and we get free comics, so what’s not to love?
  • I am sore afraid of the final panel of today’s Ugly Hill — I can’t make those three streams of ejectamenta square with my knowledge of anatomy, but presumably new father Paul Southworth knows these things. So scared.
  • The hell? Has Gunnerkrigg Court always been at Graphic Smash and I just never noticed before today? That’s what I get for paying too much attention to the comic, and not enough to the newsposts.
  • There’s a very interesting interview with Joey Manley and one of his new investment partners, Alan Gershenfeld, over at CBR; toss Gershenfeld’s name into Google and tell me you don’t go Hmmmm. Anyway, there’s some interesting between-the-lines readings to be gleaned from what Manley and Gershenfeld have been willing to say on the record; we at Fleen have our own interview questions before the gentlemen behind the megamerger, and we’ll bring you those answers as soon as we can.

Judging by my nephews, I’d say the three streams are mucus, vomit, and pee. And yes, I cringed as I wrote that.

I hadn’t noticed Gunnerkrigg at GS either. It must have joined this week as I can’t find any entries for it in the Smash RSS feed before today’s. They’ve also picked up Gun Street Girl, so I guess they’re recruiting again. :)

[…] In The Shuffle November 5th. 2007, 1:19pm ahoo wrote an interesting post today […]

Gary, those streams of ejecta are obviously vomit, poo, and pee. The infant in question lives in Ugly Hill, where You Only Think You Know Your Anatomy. The child clearly came equipped with a navel sphincter (and a weak one at that.)

GC is new to GS. GSG is a prodigal daughter who has returned. GVP is another acronym that begins with G, but it means nothing. I just made it up.

Curse your eagle eye Gary! I’ve yet to press release the rookies (and returner) as I’d been away for a week, but Joey’s correct. Look for more in a bit.

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