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I Want An Action Hat

Dresden Codak update! Sort of! Latin heart-throb Aaron Diaz has announced that he’s quittin’ the day job and will be devoting this time to Dresden Codak as a career:

If you folks keep buying shirts and prints, I’ll be able to put up a comic every week!

Dresden Codak every week? Buy the damn shirts! Diaz has kindly agreed to an interview about this shift in his priorities, which we should have for you early next week. One topic of discussion is sure to be the viability of this change, since he notes that success in making a living from the comic is not guarranteed:

If not, then I will literally die!

Keep in mind, this is not a fearful-of-death kind of guy; this is a man who engages in Pretend To Be A Time Traveller From The Future performances in the deep southern section of the US, running the risk of having the crap kicked out of him. Don’t let Aaron Diaz die or we can’t be friends anymore.

From the Things that make you go “Huh” desk: Scott Kurtz pointed me towards an interesting tidbit in the announcement that Zuda has its first Instant Winner™ (sounds like a scratch-off lottery ticket, doesn’t it?) … except that said winner was invited to pitch the project before Zuda was announced. The work looks gorgeous and I’m looking forward to it, but still — huh.

In other news, Fleen congratulates Jeph Jacques on 1000 installments, which today features sweaty naked old people because he hates you. And Joe Chiappetta may like his phone a little too much:

For three days in a row this week, the new Silly Daddy comics posted on my site were created totally on a Pocket PC Phone.

Check it out and have a good weekend.

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