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T Minus Zuda, We Are Go For Launch

Word went out yesterday: Zuda launches next Tuesday, and the initial lineup has been announced. They’re even doing a launch party in New York if you’re in town; I have a conflict (damn shame, too, since the venue is about four blocks from work), so somebody report on this for me, ‘kay? These things usually have snacks, and the SDCC Zudaparty had pretty good Zudabooze, so it’s totally worth your while.

Speaking of launches, there’s a new Clickwheel player in town, which editor Tim Demeter informs us has a plethora of new features:

  • The beaker button will take you to an upload interface (you need to be logged in to use this part) where you can play around with your own files .
  • The top hat is the Editor’s Picks, where I have preloaded a selection of Clickwheel material you can view right on the player.
  • The “i” is more detailed info on how to work the player.

Please note that the first button Tim mentioned is a beaker, not a Beaker. We’ll report back more on the new player after we get a chance to play with it thoroughly (Demeter has kindly provided us with a test account).

And via Howard Tayler, who has had … issues … with Wikipedia‘s treatment of webcomics in the past: the Wikinews story referenced yesterday is happening here.

perhaps it’s not terribly surprising that the article in question has been submitted for speedy deletion.

It seems that the story on Wikinews has been tagged for speedy deletion as “Not news, not even the right project”.

That clickwheel site seems almost exclusively focused on comics creators wanting to publish their comics on iPods.

What do I do if I’ve got an iPod and I want to read comics on it? Where do I go?

Not sure about that “talking to” ever happening in Wiki-world. All the responses to Howard from Wiki-related types seem to be typically defensive, reiterating the status quo, rather than admitting that anything needs to be addressed.

My recommendation for anyone with anything webcomics related would be to ignore the Wikipedia completely and submit it to, now under the management (and ownership?) of Josh Roberts (he of the excellent listings site and the even more wonderful networking site).

If anyone can give webcomics the wiki coverage they deserve, the odds are it’ll be him.

I’m not tilting at this particular windmill out of a love of webcomics.

The first time I posted this stuff (way back in January) I learned that the speedy deletion thing was happening to far more “notable” things than webcomics. There is a minority mindset of deletionism running roughshod over all kinds of useful information in Wikipedia.

I agree that a comprehensive webcomics encyclopedia is a good thing. Yay for Comixpedia! But that doesn’t mean we should give up on getting Wikipedia to be more inclusive, both in practice and in attitude.

Jeff- all of the comics uploaded by creators are available for free download from the site and can then be synched right to your iPod. Maybe we need to do a better job making that known.

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