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I’m Pretty Sure This Halfway Satisfies Rule 34

Things noted today:

And we promised you naked yesterday, so please note that webcomics charity project coordinator extraordinaire Michael Rouse-Deane announces this year’s Tastefully Done calendar:

Last year Tastefully Done showed the world what it would be like if their favourite webcomic characters bared all in aid of Cancer Research. This year the tables have turned and webcomic artists have bared all in aid of Cancer Research.

With the talents of Corey Marie Parkhill at the helm with the cover and along with Whitney Robinson, Jon Scrivens, Kristofer Straub, Ryan Estrada, Fred Grisolm, James Turner, the crew from Digital Strips, Ben Stirling, Meghan Murphy, Chris Thomas and James Walker, Jared von Hindman, and Jodie Azhar baring all for a great cause.

Webcomic artists at their finest, with their clothes off, is hopefully gonna be an utterly delightful success like last year. For the price of $15 and through the website, Tastefully Done warns you to bare witness to the outstanding artwork that can only be contained in one calendar, we give you Tastefully Done 2008! (emphasis mine)

I think I have to get two — one for getting autographs, and one to seal hermetically until the day that Kris Straub runs for high political office.

Emperor Norton is actually a cast member in my comic (starting here).

In case you were wondering, no, I don’t have any shame.

This is an awesome idea. How can I (and other cartoonists) take part in next year’s calendar? Or is this an ‘invite only’?

I’m happy to take anyone who wants to be a part of my projects. Calendar, Kid’s Book (though that’s only for this year) but any project I love it when artists want to be a part of it than when I have to beg :)

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