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Hey, Lookit That … Our Style Sheet Is All Better

So I was going to try to write some more about what US copyright law actually says (since there seems to be a large number of misconceptions on the subject), but the comment thread on the latest webcomics vs. Fair Use incident has devolved to the now it’s personal stage pretty rapidly, so screw that. My thanks to Shane Mitrovic, with whom I had a nice, civil email exchange — you made some good points and though I still think my analysis was correct, you’ve made me see that I could have buttressed my points more thoroughly; email me if you’re curious. Everybody else, read Title 17 yourself, as I’m done getting beat up on this one.


  • An article! With/about Bill Barnes! At Comic Book Resources! It’s gripping.
  • For those who missed our writeup when it was new last year, or when it joined Lunchbox Funnies earlier this year, Trade Loeffler’s got a really good comic called Zip and Lil’ Bit. It’s now onto its second storyline, The Sky Kayak. I have to admit that I missed this one until Loeffler emailed me — I read Z&LB about about 2 – 3 month intervals so I can get big gooey chunks of story/art all at once. For this one, an installment at a time is too little to savor.
  • One of the coolest things I picked up at SPX was a new not-quite-mini, but not quite regular comic from Alex Robinson, called Lower Regions; I particularly liked that it worked purely visually, because there’s no dialogue, no captions, no words whatsoever, yet it tells a coherent story. In a similar vein, Girl Wonder has a new, wordless comic:

    In textless format, their new work The Tower tells the story of a princess who escapes her intended role in search of adventure. Completely scripted, penciled, and inked, The Tower will be updated at a rate of one chapter per week over ten weeks.

    Writer Brendon Bennets is currently employed as an actor in Christchurch, New Zealand. He maintains a blog on improv theater as well as several
    other comics he has written here. This is artist Saki Miyamoto’s first published work, and she hopes to one day publish a hand-bound picture book or comic on handmade paper.

    The Tower joins Planet Karen and Goodbye Chains as regularly-updating comics at Girl Wonder; thanks to The X-Man for forwarding me the announcement on this one.

Come back tomorrow, when we will feature nudity.

I don’t know enough about law to say whether it’s possible, but it would be nice if somebody could make a Quick Cartoonist’s Fair Use Guide, including a few real or faked examples to give folks some sense of where the boundaries and dodgy areas are.

When in doubt, look for the applicable Creative Commons copyright tags on works you wanna reuse, “fairly”. There’s a bunch, find the one that gives you the license you want. That said, the Ninja-bot still loves ya Gary.

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