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Backlogged News And Actual New News

What with the SPX roundups, a number of other stories have gone unremarked here in the past couple of days. Let’s catch up, shall we?

Early reports indicate that PETA tactical squads are preparing to move against several webcomickers:

More on these as the situations develop.

Speaking of Randy Milholland, even when he’s making up fake ads for the top of S*P 1937, they’ve got a terrific period feel. Well done, sir!

As has been noted many places, Yirmumah‘s reached a maybe-permanent end. DJ Coffman’s the kind of guy who’s always got lots of ideas on tap, so I don’t think we have to contemplate what the intertrons would look like without him. I also think that we’ll probably see more Yirmumah in some form or other before he’s done; like the majestic shark that must swim or drown, I believe that Coffman must eventually return to his signature work or die. (Note to self: look into booking Coffman Week on the Discovery Channel.)

Because he loves you and wants you to be happy, Chris MacNeil of Rooby Moon is cranking up production — in the past month he’s gone from one full-page Sunday style strip at random intervals to one per week, and now will be producing five B&W daily-style strips between Sundays. The only downside to this is that he’ll only be updating every other day, so look for five dailies and a Sunday over each fortnight. Still, this represents a massive uptick in delivered comics and I’m glad of it.

Speaking of anniversaries (we were so, dammit!) the next 24 hours or so will see two: Kathy Peterson’s Kidnapped By Gnomes turns over the odometer on strip number 100 today, and Sheldon hits the big 2000 tomorrow (hopefully without any computer crashes and general downfalls of society; just in case, I’m holed up in a bunker adjacent to the Fleenplex with all the necessities).

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