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Hey, Ugly Hill is back. Why yes, we did mention this yesterday, but every one of you not reading Ugly Hill is taking food directly from the mouth of Paul Southworth’s infant son, you heartless jerks. Click over there now. Read the archives, too.

Speaking of guys with young sons, there’s BLC-mate Paul Taylor who has a new limited-run print up in his store. Buy it or heartless jerk, etc. And no infant sons, but check out the scene on my toy shelf now that Ananth & Hawk got the reorders in. It’s like that Zlik wants to watch Eve kick Diablo‘s ass as soon as he sets foot out of his little house.

Back to SPX — there are webcomickers with plans. Schemes, even. Shall we examine some?

  • Aaron Diaz tells us that his Hob storyline in Dresden Codak will be wrapping up around year’s end, and then he’s getting to work on a Dresden Codak book. But Gary, I hear you cry, with the large layouts and detailed visuals, how will he manage to reproduce all that sweet art in a book? Two words for you my friend:


    Diaz is planning on an oversize trim, and that immediately propels this book to the top of the Pre-emptive Must-Buy List for 2008 (tied for second: Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet, Kean Soo’s Jellaby, and Scott McCloud’s ZOT! omnibus). Diaz said he hoped to have the book out in time for APE, but I see this morning that the Spurge has confirmed that APE will be shifting from its traditional April date to November. Hey Aaron I still want your book in the Spring okay thanks.

  • Singular-named mckenzee is going to be very, very busy. By this time next year, look for him to have no fewer than four separate projects going:
    1. Sinister Bedfellows will continue
    2. He’s recruiting artists for Bearcats of Mandu — an exploration of the recent travails of Nepal and the Nepalese royal family, depicted as furries
    3. He’s busy absorbing the lessons of How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way to produce The Adventures of Maintenance Man — in a city where all the capes live in the same apartment building, why shouldn’t the super to the supers be based on Warren Ellis?
    4. Plus a series of one-offs like the achingly beautiful C∂ulhuvi∂a, which he hopes to print into hand-made books. Depending on the cost, these could be printed on Japanese seaweed paper, with hand-sewn bindings. The Pre-emptive Must-Buy List for 2008 is about to get another addition.
  • Bernie Hou has plans, oh so many plans. Awesome plans ready to bust open the whole Web 2.0 deal and kick that number to to 3.0, maybe 3.2. But as some of them are still in development, we’ll have to tell you about them later, but here’s a hint — there exists a mathematical possibility of an Alien Loves Predator book.
  • He told me at the show, but I didn’t realize how close the time frame was. Jinxlets are nigh. And there’s this whole season coming up when stockings need to be stuffed.

More tomorrow, and photos maybe.

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