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Indoor Fun And Outdoor Fun

On the indoor front: what could be better than opening up the just-arrived Little Dee Volume 2 and finding a strip that you own? Finding another one. Plus nearly 18 months of daily strips (Jan 2006 to June 2007), packed full of the sweet awesome that drips from Chris Baldwin’s pen. If you haven’t obtained this yet, we can’t be friends.

On the outdoor front: a surprising number of webcomickers apparently believe in the ancestral game of the Scots. From Chris VanGompel:

What started as a conversation in the Something Awful forums has become comicalized. When discussing conventions, the idea of a Webcomics Open golf outing was proposed. Open to all webcomic creators, what could be better than boozing it up on a golf course to meet and greet fellow artists in the medium?

Well, KC Green of Horribleville implemented the idea and I continued it.

Really, wouldn’t a webcomic golf outing be splendid? Knickers, carts and booze, in a mutant get-together spawned of the intertrons?

Indeed it would, Chris. I forsee a side-trip at San Diego next year. Okay, off to SPX, see you there.

If there is one thing I love about doing webcomics, it is the idea that I will never, ever be forced to play non-miniature golf. It seemed to be the sport of print cartoonists everywhere when I first started paying attention to their bios. I imagine growing up in a different generation, sitting around with Sparky and Jeff MacNelly (who have DEIGNED to indulge my presence the way comics legends do at conventions) and then they ask if I want to do nine holes before dinner.

Say yes and hold up their game for hours, say no and feel like I’m insulting them, or just jump out a third-story window? THERE ARE NO GOOD CHOICES.

I really thought this was going to be about caber-tossing.

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