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Free Stuff! What Could Possibly Be Better?

Just a reminder, I’ll be at SPX this weekend; if you see a guy with glasses and a moustache, it’s probably me. As AlP creator Bernie Hou and I have to get an early start on the driving, you’ll probably get a slight or missing update tomorrow; I swear I’ll totally make it up to you.

Speaking of events, there’s a new contest in the offing and you (yes, YOU) could win stuff. And we’re not talking about t-shirts this time; we’re talking genuine consumer-grade electronics. Take it away, David Davis:

My webcomic is about to transition into Cosmic Dash, and to celebrate, I am holding a drawing contest with the winner recieving a 30 gig Microsoft Zune as well as some original penciled pages and a character designed around the winners specifications. The contest is pretty easy to get involved with and lasts until November 5th, so check the contest page for details.

I just hope it’s not the poo-colored one. Regardless, if you want to get free stuff, fire up your art studio, break out the scanner, or at least see what you can put together with some webcomics tools from Strong Badia. Stuff’s awaiting.

Thanks for posting this. :D

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